"I highly endorse the imaginative, high quality products offered by Under the Lamb. The BUILDING BLOCKS provide an incredible opportunity for preschool children to experience the thrill and satisfaction of building their very own structure, working until they get it just right. The intriguing MY HOME TOWN toy offers additional opportunities for personal enrichment, because it allows the child to introduce toy cars and human figures into the fantasy play. And the colorful, clever FLIP ALONG FUN interactive book captures the attention and stimulates the imagination of the child.

"With forty years of experience with young children, I am convinced that creative play with toys, such as the marvelous ones offered by Under the Lamb, provides children with the pleasure and excitement necessary for healthy psychological / emotional development."

Stephen Schlein, PhD,
Child and Adult Clinical Psychologist
Lexington, MA

"I have been a Montessori teacher for forty years. For five years I served as the administrator of a Montessori school in Atlanta, GA, and am past president of the Atlanta Montessori Teachers' Association.

"The marvelous children's building blocks, books, and other products offered by Under the Lamb integrate learning with actions in a wonderful manner that stimulates children's imaginations and promotes cognitive abilities and creativity. This is in perfect agreement with Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy, which is to "not give more to the mind of the young child than to the hand.

"I highly endorse the colorful, durable, educational, and fun products sold by Under the Lamb!"

Mary Frances Benning, AMI
Teacher and tutor

"I am an adult and child psychiatrist at the University of Chicago, interested in children's development of mind and brain, working together. I am also a professor on the Committee for Human Development.

"I have never seen a book/toy that so fuses action with mentation. Flip Along Fun integrates playing and learning, and therefore promotes developmental achievements in the context of a happy, fun experience. All these together enhance cognitive and emotional development. It is a marvel - and unique!"

Susan M. Fisher, M.D.
University of Chicago